Sunday, 1 December 2013

Les Ponts de Sarajevo

This year I had the great honour of working as an Animation Director and 2D Animator on the International co-production Les Ponts de Sarajevo.
Composed by 13 live action short-films, directed by 13 european film directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Ursula Meier and Teresa Villaverde, and by 12 animated shorts that work as a link between the 13 films, this film marks the centenary of the 1st World War and was exhibited at Cannes Film Festival's official selection this year and also at the opening of Sarajevo Film Festival (2014).
The Animated shorts counted with the participation of renowned belgian illustrator François Schuiten as the art director and author of the concept. Under the supervision of director Luís da Matta Almeida and producer Pandora Cunha Telles, from Ukbar Filmes, I directed the great team of animators that gave their best effort to make this project possible under very strict deadlines. I also animated four of the shorts, so I'll be posting them here soon!
For now I leave you with the trailer. :)

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